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Pride and Joys
December 17, 2008, 2:48 pm
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It is so amazing how love expands and grows.  The two lovies above are my grandkids, RJ is 8 months and HWS is 2.  They have not only expanded my love but now challenge my memory of childhood rhymes and songs.  They make Christmas all the more exciting.

RJ is crawling and pulling herself up on all things, taking those first tentative steps to walking.  HWS is learning so fast, and has so many new words(some of them I even understand).  His newest(esp. since RJ started crawling) is MINE.  This is an important idea to learn, because how do you learn what sharing is? unless you understand mine?

We have “Cookies & Carols” Sunday night at contemporary service, best I can tell is a cross between “Love Feast” and “Lessons & Carols”.  The praise team is singing 3 songs:  “Welcome to Our World”, “Breath of Heaven”, and “Christ Child’s Lullaby” then asking others to sing 5 carols with us.  I will be baking cookies on Saturday and have asked HWS to come help Grandma.


Wonderful Retreat
March 17, 2008, 2:53 pm
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The retreat was restful, full of good food, hugs, christian community, centering prayer, and new ways of thinking about life and how it has meaning.  Fr. Matt was very quiet and well trained by the Jesuits.  Most questions were answered by a question.  He did turn some scriptures that I had always heard preached one way around.  One of the best ways to discern if something is of God was to ask:  If this gives life or love to others does it also give life or love to me?  In order for us to grow, progress in our spiritual journey the process should be a loop of giving and receiving.  “God’s love for me is at least as much as the person who loves me most.”

Grateful for:

  1. Holy week
  2. Love of Christ
  3. Fr. Matt Linn
  4. “Sleeping With Bread”
  5. my own bed
  6. days spent in retreat
  7. work covered

My grand-daughter’s birth-date has been changed to the 26th, so all the plans and schedules that had been arranged now need to be re-arranged.