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Not a tropical storm, just a coastal storm
September 25, 2008, 2:52 pm
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According to local weather, the storm we have been having for the past 2 days with winds blowing at 20-35 and gusts to 45 is not tropical because the isobars are further from the center, but that might be changing and the hurricane fliers are going into storm to check it out.

Whatever, my plants have still blown over and all the outside furniture on the front porch ended up in the yard yesterday.  We are supposed to get over 1″ of rain, but so far seems to be going elsewhere.  The rain is really needed.  Since the wind is from the NE, the front door of the business opens on its own and Knottie goes barking at the “ghost” coming in the door.  He has had a lot of exercise.

DIL brought HWS by Tuesday after he had his first haircut.  He had such pretty curls and now there are none.  One stage is over and another begins….no more baby….now little boy.  He has a nice haircut, just (boo-hoo) no curls.  As a grandmother I lament this passing, but delight in his growing into new stages of life.

Really looking forward to just going home tonight, I have had meetings every night since Sunday.  Tonight I plan to fill the bathtub, bubble bath, glass of wine and a book and soak and read for an hour or two.  Supper is already cooked and will just have to be heated.  I might even be able to stay awake and watch ER start the new season.


More is falling than the leaves
September 22, 2008, 3:37 pm
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What an early fall, especially since today is the first day.  Markets have been in free tumble, confidence in leaders spinning, and for me neither party’s candidates seem to have solutions(lots of verbiage).

What I am delighting in are my grandchildren.  HWS and RJ are doing what children do best, enjoying the moment and when I am with them that is what I do—hugs, kisses, smiles and coos, just melt my heart and I feel all is right with the world.

Started the 30 week “Christian Believer” last Monday.  The readings for this week were on beliefs, where, what, how and why (good journalist questions) we believe.  I must have read the Thomas Aquinas excert at least 4 times and I stll doubt I understand it.

“All your love, your stretching out,
your hope, your thirst,
God is creating in you so that God may fill you. . . .
God is on the inside of the longing.”
~~Maria Boulding
Saw this on another blog and that summed up what I gleaned from this week’s readings.

Now that the busy time is over at work, hope to post more frequently to this blog.  Maybe I need to go back to the gratefuls.

My dog, Knottie, comes to work with me each day(since it is my business, I can do this) but with the cost of gas can not justify going home 10 miles then back over the same road 20 miles to get to class, so on Monday’s I leave him with my parents and pick him up around 9 pm on my way home.  I miss him and the customers miss him.

August 7, 2008, 3:16 pm
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August and is it ever hot and humid with heat advisories each day for the past 3 days.  When it is this h & h all you want to do is be inside in the AC and at work that means trying to be as still as possible since the AC there is minimal.

The new granddaughter is to be baptized Aug. 17.  RJ is now 4 months and smiling and babbling and drooling(teeth starting to come in)  I am so thankful that HWB and DIL are engaged with the baptism and all the I will’s and I do’s they will avow.  Grandmothers and Mothers set examples, but the Dads are the ones that really show the children what it is to be Christian.

My favorite Aunt died last week, 12 days short of her 91st birthday.  She is the sister who raised and cared for my Dad when he was growing(his Mother died shortly after his birth) so she was very special to him.  His last visit with her, they said goodbye and remembered old times.  He did not want to replace his last memories of her by going to the funeral.  My brother and I both offered to take him to second state north of us for the funeral.  I kept him busy at work splicing and pulling off rope the day of the funeral.  We placed a white rose on the altar on Sunday in her memory.  When I took the rose on Saturday, it was a bud.  On Sunday morning it was fully open, just so apt for memory of a long life.

Lane Change Game
June 17, 2008, 3:04 pm
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Driving is never with out missed-apts.  The game that people play with switching lanes to be in the one going faster irks me.  I try to leave the appropriate space between my car and the one in front and someone always sees that as an opportunity to muscle into the space usually causing me to put on brakes to allow them room.  There was a Corolla beside me on the way home yesterday that I had watched in the rear and side mirrors moving her way between lanes, as she squeezed in front of me noticed in the right back window the yellow diamond saying “Baby on Board”.  She stayed in front of me one car and then moved into the other lane continuing on her way switching lanes about every car length causing brake lights to flash as she moved.  Other drivers were taking responsibility for her and the baby as she was talking on her cell phone.

June 12, 2008, 1:45 pm
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Shewwww…when June started so did the heat & humidity!  I’m ready for fall.

The airshow was this past weekend and as much as I wanted to see the Blue Angels, there was no way.  It must of been over 100 on the tarmac–no shade and very little wind.  We left at 2 pm-Angels performed at 3, but I was already just a puddle of glisten.  I love airshows and have been going to them since I was a young’un.  They used to be in May, but in all ?wisdom? to draw more tourists this year was moved to June and the folks were not prepared for the increase in hot.  Water should have been free, but was $3.00/small bottle.  The second day was adjusted for the heat–could take coolers with your own ice and water, umbrellas and they had set up AC cooling stations with more shade available.  On Sat. every bit of shade under and around the B-52 bomber was occupied.  As always what we saw of the airshow was excellent.  The things the pilots can do is amazing.

To top the heat–the AC at work quit and it has taken 7 days to get it fixed.  So swelter here, go home take a cool shower and sit in chair til bedtime, just to wrung out to do much of anything.

This weekend is the golf tourney our chapter of ABWA sponsors to raise money for education fund.  We award scholarships in June from money raised the previous June.  There are so many deserving applicants, from new HS grads to more mature folks returning to school.  The high on tourney day is to be in the 90’s and somehow 18 holes of golf are not played inside in the AC.  I need to invent a bubble suit that carries individual AC outside with me.  Misting fan here I come.

What is…
May 22, 2008, 3:05 pm
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Noticing What Is
Eugene Peterson
“We wake up each morning to a world we did not make. How did it get here? How did we get here? We open our eyes and see that ‘old bowling ball the sun’ careen over the horizon. We wiggle our toes. A mockingbird takes off and improvises on themes set down by robins, vireos, and wrens, and we marvel at the intricacies…. There is so much here–around, above, below, inside, outside. Even with the help of poets and scientists we can account for very little of it. We notice this, then that…. Before long we are looking out through telescopes and down into microscopes, curious, fascinated by this endless proliferation of sheer Is-ness–color and shape and texture and sound.

After awhile we get used to it and quit noticing. We get narrowed down into something small and constricting. Somewhere along the way this exponential expansion of awareness, this wide-eyed looking around, this sheer untaught delight in what is here, reverses itself: the world contracts; we are reduced to a life of routine through which we sleepwalk. But not for long. Something always shows up to jar us awake.”
from Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places

I read this a couple of days ago and thought about the blessing that an 18 month grandson (HWS) provides in opening our eyes to all that is around us–from the dust bunnies under the bed to the bark of the woodpecker tree.


Dirt Under My Nails
May 7, 2008, 9:17 am
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Spring is sprung and summer will be here in a jiff.  That means that I spent Saturday planting and cutting some grass but mostly weeds.  Lantana, vennca, petunias, basil, oregano, tomatoes are all potted, watered and composted.  It rained last evening so I did not water the plants.  Squirrels love my pottings and the soft soil for digging.  I spend time each afternoon repairing where they have dug in the pots.  Think I need to get some mothball flakes–does that keep them out?

I moved my tomato pots to the front yard this year as it gets almost full day sunshine.  Waiting now to see if that offends my neighbors, hope not because I don’t intend to move them back into the backyard.  Most of my neighbors are retired folks who live on soundfront lots and have very definite ideas on what is acceptable yard “stuff” and don’t mind striking up a conversation to let you know their opinions.