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May 25, 2009, 9:45 am
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Living one day at a time.

Memorial Day–remembering past lives and service of  our military, also those serving now at home and deployed.  My father is in the American Legion and there will be a service around the flagpole in a local cemetery this morning at 11.  Since he is doing part of the service, I need to close work and go.

This past month has been one of those you wish you could–forget, do over, skip past–my Mother has be diagnosed with a renal pelvis cancer.  There are some options but at my Mom’s age and weight they are not the choices.  I can’t accept that there is no way to remove this tumor, so have spent hours on the Internet searching.  Have discovered one method that is minimally invasive and have now spent more hours looking for someplace closer than Japan that does it.  We do have an appt. with her Dr. the first of June to discuss this as an option and hopefully a referral to a place.  I have printed over 50 pages of info and plan to take them with me when we go.

RJ has discovered the joy of walking where she wants to go, tilts her head in that direction, puts her shoulders back and off she goes in the toddler waddle.  Oh the changes that makes in her independence.

The woods behind my house is home to one remaining feral cat.  My next door neighbor keeps food out for her and this spring noticed she was going to have kittens.  There is a white oak tree about 20 feet from the edge of the woods and like all older white oaks is hollow.  This one has an opening about 2 feet up the trunk.  Knottie(white min. poodle) was having a hissy fit around and around the base of the tree.  Mama cat jumps out of the hollow and takes off for the woods–Knottie right behind barking.  Almost to the edge she changes her mind about leaving her kittens does an about face, Knottie yelps in a high pitch about faces and now Mama cat is chasing him.  By the time he gets to me, she turns, sits down and starts to lick her paws.  He is ready to go in the house.

Have now seen the kittens, there are 3:  one yellow and two gray striped.


Spring Sprung, left and now it’s Summer
April 28, 2009, 10:19 am
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Whew, spring left in a hurry!  The temps have been in the upper 80’s this week.  My pansies are getting really leggy so I will be getting my summer flowers this weekend.  Also need to get my tomatoes and peppers in my pots.  Just have not figured out the best place to put the pots so they get good sun and no breeze off the sound.  Found out last year, tomatoes do not like salt mist.

I kept my granddaughter this past weekend and the other grandparents keep HWS, so that their parents could have a weekend to peruse Old Town in SC.  Took her to church all dressed in pink and she just wowed her church community.  She commented the loudest during prayer, but in a happy way and I know the Holy Spirit understood her.

Pride and Joys
December 17, 2008, 2:48 pm
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It is so amazing how love expands and grows.  The two lovies above are my grandkids, RJ is 8 months and HWS is 2.  They have not only expanded my love but now challenge my memory of childhood rhymes and songs.  They make Christmas all the more exciting.

RJ is crawling and pulling herself up on all things, taking those first tentative steps to walking.  HWS is learning so fast, and has so many new words(some of them I even understand).  His newest(esp. since RJ started crawling) is MINE.  This is an important idea to learn, because how do you learn what sharing is? unless you understand mine?

We have “Cookies & Carols” Sunday night at contemporary service, best I can tell is a cross between “Love Feast” and “Lessons & Carols”.  The praise team is singing 3 songs:  “Welcome to Our World”, “Breath of Heaven”, and “Christ Child’s Lullaby” then asking others to sing 5 carols with us.  I will be baking cookies on Saturday and have asked HWS to come help Grandma.

Let Me Rise
November 3, 2008, 2:25 pm
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Let Me Rise

By Wendell Berry

When I rise up
let me rise up joyful
like a bird

When I fall
let me fall without regret
like a leaf.

Source: “Prayers and Sayings of the Mad Farmer” from Collected Poems

Remembrance of saints, homecoming at church, dinner on the grounds after church, HWS(grandson)’s second birthday all occurred yesterday.  A mix of sorrow, welcome, feasting and unbridled happiness in the span of yesterday which thankfully had an extra hour.

I have pet names for my grandkids, HWS I call my “sugarbear” and RJ is my  “sweetpea”.  Their costumes for Halloween…HWS was a monkey(only because we could not find a bear costume) complete with the sounds that a monkey makes and RJ was a peapod. HWS was a delight even though he could not say “trick or treat” only wave and say bye.  RJ was not happy being confined in the peapod since she is newly crawling and is so delighted with her ability to move to something or someone as she wants.

HWS gives a one finger on one hand and one finger on the other when asked how old he is.  We had a cookout and of course an Elmo cake.  It was family for this BD.  HSW was surrounded by aunts, uncles and numerous grands….Granny, Grandma, Meme, GG, Grandpop and Grandpa…..that he keeps straight.

More is falling than the leaves
September 22, 2008, 3:37 pm
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What an early fall, especially since today is the first day.  Markets have been in free tumble, confidence in leaders spinning, and for me neither party’s candidates seem to have solutions(lots of verbiage).

What I am delighting in are my grandchildren.  HWS and RJ are doing what children do best, enjoying the moment and when I am with them that is what I do—hugs, kisses, smiles and coos, just melt my heart and I feel all is right with the world.

Started the 30 week “Christian Believer” last Monday.  The readings for this week were on beliefs, where, what, how and why (good journalist questions) we believe.  I must have read the Thomas Aquinas excert at least 4 times and I stll doubt I understand it.

“All your love, your stretching out,
your hope, your thirst,
God is creating in you so that God may fill you. . . .
God is on the inside of the longing.”
~~Maria Boulding
Saw this on another blog and that summed up what I gleaned from this week’s readings.

Now that the busy time is over at work, hope to post more frequently to this blog.  Maybe I need to go back to the gratefuls.

My dog, Knottie, comes to work with me each day(since it is my business, I can do this) but with the cost of gas can not justify going home 10 miles then back over the same road 20 miles to get to class, so on Monday’s I leave him with my parents and pick him up around 9 pm on my way home.  I miss him and the customers miss him.

August 7, 2008, 3:16 pm
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August and is it ever hot and humid with heat advisories each day for the past 3 days.  When it is this h & h all you want to do is be inside in the AC and at work that means trying to be as still as possible since the AC there is minimal.

The new granddaughter is to be baptized Aug. 17.  RJ is now 4 months and smiling and babbling and drooling(teeth starting to come in)  I am so thankful that HWB and DIL are engaged with the baptism and all the I will’s and I do’s they will avow.  Grandmothers and Mothers set examples, but the Dads are the ones that really show the children what it is to be Christian.

My favorite Aunt died last week, 12 days short of her 91st birthday.  She is the sister who raised and cared for my Dad when he was growing(his Mother died shortly after his birth) so she was very special to him.  His last visit with her, they said goodbye and remembered old times.  He did not want to replace his last memories of her by going to the funeral.  My brother and I both offered to take him to second state north of us for the funeral.  I kept him busy at work splicing and pulling off rope the day of the funeral.  We placed a white rose on the altar on Sunday in her memory.  When I took the rose on Saturday, it was a bud.  On Sunday morning it was fully open, just so apt for memory of a long life.

April 4, 2008, 10:59 am
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Just realized looking at the date of the last post it has been a week.  And to say that again IT HAS BEEN A WEEK!  The addition of RJ to our family has mixed all manner of things.  My personal commitments, work, and helping care for HWS have left little time for much else except falling into bed exhausted.  When does the second wind come?

Today dawned warmer, so the fog is thick and just starting to swirl as the wind picks up.  Reminds me of my life right now.

The retreat I was on, that seems ages ago, added a point to grateful fors that I am not real anxious to add–what today am I least grateful for?  In thinking about that each night, I find that I also move to the next step, if I’m not grateful for it, Why? and How does it get changed to something I can be grateful for?

I try to fall asleep at night thinking on one of my grateful fors.  Much better than counting sheep.