Lookoutlady’s Marsh

October 20, 2008, 10:05 am
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Many of us experience a sense of God in nature; in a beautiful sunset or in the sure and certain sunrise that pours over the ocean. There are entire novels and spiritual journeys written about finding God in the beauty of the world’s landscapes.
But most often, if we are paying attention, we experience God in the presence of another person. Perhaps the image of God will show itself to us in the kindness of a stranger who, seeing that we only have one or two items, lets us go ahead in the line at the grocery store. Sometimes we experience the divine when someone listens to us. Perhaps we will see the image of God in the person who calls us when we are feeling down. Or perhaps God is seen in the person who makes us laugh.

One of the first things to be noticed was the beautiful shock of white hair….the kind of white that we maturing females wish for…not the muddy gray that I’m growing.  The second was her shoulders fit under my arms and I’m average height.  The smile and twinkle in her eyes were what got you, from that point on  this was Sylvia.  A unique  and very special person, who became a part of the fabric of my life and lives of those in our chapter of ABWA, the church she attended, those at the coffee house she frequented and the children she served as an advocate.  Syl was quiet and would let shenanigans flow around her and when you least expected it out she would come with a one-liner that would send us into laughter.


“What I’m looking for is a blessing that’s not in disguise.” Kitty O’Neill Collins



October 9, 2008, 9:40 am
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fail owned pwned picturesYep, this has been my week.

We did have a good time at choir last night.  I sing tenor as do 2 other women and generally that is considered a “man’s” part.  The director of the choir will refer to the tenor and bass parts with a “ok, men now…”.  Last night we females used our music to hide the fact we had stuck mustaches under our noses.  The rest of the choir noticed our addition and were having a hard time singing, the director did not look up from the music sheet until about half way through, at which point we all dissolved into laughter.  I had tears of laughter in my eyes the rest of the way and when we had gone into the sanctuary to sing the song for Sunday, I messed up and sang send instead of tend in the “Here I Am Lord” arrangement, you know “I will tend the poor and lame.”  That so tickled the tenor next to me he could not get it back together to finish the song.

Thank you, Lord for laughter! 

Wonderful Retreat
March 17, 2008, 2:53 pm
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The retreat was restful, full of good food, hugs, christian community, centering prayer, and new ways of thinking about life and how it has meaning.  Fr. Matt was very quiet and well trained by the Jesuits.  Most questions were answered by a question.  He did turn some scriptures that I had always heard preached one way around.  One of the best ways to discern if something is of God was to ask:  If this gives life or love to others does it also give life or love to me?  In order for us to grow, progress in our spiritual journey the process should be a loop of giving and receiving.  “God’s love for me is at least as much as the person who loves me most.”

Grateful for:

  1. Holy week
  2. Love of Christ
  3. Fr. Matt Linn
  4. “Sleeping With Bread”
  5. my own bed
  6. days spent in retreat
  7. work covered

My grand-daughter’s birth-date has been changed to the 26th, so all the plans and schedules that had been arranged now need to be re-arranged.

It’s been a year this Sunday
February 27, 2008, 2:13 pm
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This Sunday we will celebrate a year that Ole Church over the bridge has had a contemporary service.  Attendance has ebbed and waxed with a steady core.  The worship team consists of girl keyboardist,guy who plays bass guitar, guy who is a drummer and combination of voices supplied by guy who sells shoes, guy who teaches, girl who is exercise guru, girl who sells rope, girl who drives a bug, girl who fusses with hair and the associate pastor, girl who tries to keep us straight.

I (girl who sells rope) have been missing for a month of Sundays as I do the MAP study at St. Trying To Make A Difference.  I have enjoyed my Sunday afternoons free.  Worship team starts practice at 3, which means I leave home around 2:30.  The service starts at 4:30 and usually lasts an hour, so am back home on Sunday nights at 6.  By that time all I want to do is put my feet up and let Knottie fill my lap.  But I have missed the service and the practice these past 3 Sundays.

Grateful for:

  1. this Sunday is the last for the MAP study
  2. KFC for lunch
  3. bringing daffodils inside to enjoy(supposed to go down into 20’s tonight)
  4. hugs

February 26, 2008, 1:40 pm
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Each Tuesday for over the past year, I have met for lunch with “growing” up friends.  We reconnected at high school reunion and discovered how many of us were back in the local area.  It has been a very welcome reconnection.  They are the group (most of whom were already Grandmothers) that threw a surprise Grandmother party for me and presented me with items that Grandmothers need and have not had a need for since their young’uns were babies.  I have used all the things given and will in another 4 weeks use them for the grand-baby due on the 18th of March.  So looking forward to having a granddaughter!

Grateful for:

  1. Tuesday lunches(see above)
  2. post-person who brings dog treats for Knottie
  3. customers who finally come to pickup lines and pay
  4. daffodils blooming in the yard(spring is coming)