Lookoutlady’s Marsh

May 25, 2009, 9:45 am
Filed under: Family, granddaughter, Life

Living one day at a time.

Memorial Day–remembering past lives and service of  our military, also those serving now at home and deployed.  My father is in the American Legion and there will be a service around the flagpole in a local cemetery this morning at 11.  Since he is doing part of the service, I need to close work and go.

This past month has been one of those you wish you could–forget, do over, skip past–my Mother has be diagnosed with a renal pelvis cancer.  There are some options but at my Mom’s age and weight they are not the choices.  I can’t accept that there is no way to remove this tumor, so have spent hours on the Internet searching.  Have discovered one method that is minimally invasive and have now spent more hours looking for someplace closer than Japan that does it.  We do have an appt. with her Dr. the first of June to discuss this as an option and hopefully a referral to a place.  I have printed over 50 pages of info and plan to take them with me when we go.

RJ has discovered the joy of walking where she wants to go, tilts her head in that direction, puts her shoulders back and off she goes in the toddler waddle.  Oh the changes that makes in her independence.

The woods behind my house is home to one remaining feral cat.  My next door neighbor keeps food out for her and this spring noticed she was going to have kittens.  There is a white oak tree about 20 feet from the edge of the woods and like all older white oaks is hollow.  This one has an opening about 2 feet up the trunk.  Knottie(white min. poodle) was having a hissy fit around and around the base of the tree.  Mama cat jumps out of the hollow and takes off for the woods–Knottie right behind barking.  Almost to the edge she changes her mind about leaving her kittens does an about face, Knottie yelps in a high pitch about faces and now Mama cat is chasing him.  By the time he gets to me, she turns, sits down and starts to lick her paws.  He is ready to go in the house.

Have now seen the kittens, there are 3:  one yellow and two gray striped.


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