Lookoutlady’s Marsh

March 4, 2008, 8:25 pm
Filed under: Family, grateful, Life

Tonight the storm that has caused havoc west of here is to be here around 9.  I have already tied the front porch swing so it will not beat on the supports.  Just got off the phone with Mom and my favorite Aunt has been dx with metastatic CA.  They found lesions on her skull yesterday and think it came from the kidney, there is a mass there.  She is 90 and was in very good health.  Decisions are to be made tomorrow:  tell her or not, treatment or just manage symptoms.  Her granddaughter will be making these decisions for Granny as both of her daughters are not able to do it for a number of reasons.  I am sad for all of us who love her.  I have no question as to her relationship with Christ, it is very deep and she has been abiding with Christ most of her life.  There is comfort and grace in that.  Bit hard to come up with:

Grateful for:

  1. Auntie M’s presence in my life for as long as I can remember
  2. Knottie hopping in my lap as I was crying
  3. Finding of the IUD that was lost in DIL
  4. hug and blown kiss from HWS

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